Axiom by ApotheCom is your true agency partner.

Axiom by ApotheCom is a leading life sciences training agency providing comprehensive learning solutions that empower Sales Specialists, MSLs, KAMs, and Medical Affairs teams to engage in effective clinical dialogue with their respective customers.

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Axiom by ApotheCom is a member of the global Huntsworth Health organization.

A consortium of health care education, marketing, medical communications, and training companies, with a global footprint that includes Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, Singapore, Shanghai, Auckland, Dubai, and London.

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Axiom by ApotheCom is proud to be the winner of the 2015 LTEN excellence Award for Innovation.

The Life Sciences Trainers & Educators (LTEN) Excellence Awards is the premier awards program in innovation and leadership within the life sciences training and development community.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create exceptional training and development solutions that change behavior and improve performance. We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills to establish and maintain leadership in an evolving global landscape.

Strategic end-to-end solutions are built by three centers of excellence

service 1

Focused In-House Team of
Scientific Content Experts

service 2

Instructional Design

service 3

Digital Expertise With
Immersive Technology

Our Services

project 1

Creative Design

Axiom by ApotheCom has the capability to create designs from conceptualization to print production and everything in between, which includes art direction, design and layout, and interface design.
project 2

Medical Writing

Being part of the Huntsworth Health network of companies allows us to have colleagues who are some of the most talented medical writers and strategists in the industry, with experience in just about every therapeutic area.
project 3

eLearning Curriculum Development

Typically, we start with a gap/needs analysis and provide our strategic recommendations to execute a blended learning curriculum. Our client relationships go deep and broad and typically extend into the brand teams.
project 4

Medical Illustration and Animations

Our powerhouse team of graphic designers creates compelling and strategic messages through scientific visualization. These sources include PowerPoint production, medical illustration, 2.5D animation, 3D animation and video & audio production.
project 5

Scientific Strategy

Axiom by ApotheCom has the largest in-house team of scientific content experts.
project 6

MSL and Medical Affairs Training

Due to our intense focus on science, our MSL and Medical Affairs training programs are best in class. Many of these programs are global.
project 7

Patient-centric Learning Systems

Axiom by ApotheCom uses a custom screen type that focuses on patient perspectives and provides learners with a greater understanding of the patient’s journey.
project 8

Customized Instructional Design

Our instructional design team knows that content is king. They implement the most appropriate adult learning methodologies to optimize learning and performance for our customers.
project 9

Live Training Meetings

Axiom by ApotheCom has the strategy and tools for fostering engagement and interactivity at live meetings in the United States and globally. Check out aL!ve in our solutions section.
  • project 1

    Creative Design

  • project 2

    Medical Writing

  • project 3

    eLearning Curriculum Development

  • project 4

    Medical Illustration and Animations

  • project 5

    Scientific Strategy

  • project 6

    MSL and Medical Affairs Training

  • project 7

    Patient-centric Learning Systems

  • project 8

    Customized Instructional Design

  • project 9

    Live Training Meetings

Meet Our Leaders

Axiom by ApotheCom is a true agency partner. Our leaders have experience in sales training departments within the life sciences industry. Every partnership is strategic, personalized, and client-centric. Let us introduce you to some of our thought leaders.

team 1

Michael Ballas

Global CEO

It’s an amazing privilege to lead a team of talented and dedicated professionals. We’ve been keenly focused on attracting top talent and ensuring our team members are passionate about the work we do. This is the essence of the Axiom culture. It’s incredibly gratifying when our clients experience this passion, dedication and energy.

team 1

Lorri Blank

Senior Account Director

This team is my work family or “Wamily” as I constantly refer to them. We enjoy working collaboratively both with and for our clients. We will all work to get the job done. Dedication is a word we know and know well. It’s a mindset. It’s woven into the fabric of our culture.

team 1

Terri Harchar, MS

Director, eLearning Content Development

There are people who excel in the life sciences and there are people who are truly great storytellers. It's rare to find both of those traits in the same individual. Our content team specializes in that unique kind of awesome.

“At Axiom, being client-centric means generosity. Generosity in time. Generosity in effort. Generosity in spirit.”

client 1 Emily Bisen-Hersh, PhD Medical Writer

What's in a Number?

  • 3 Centers of Excellence

  • 30+ In-house Creative Talent

  • 50+ Medical Writers and Instructional Designers

  • ONE Strategic Partner

We're Hiring

Join our fantabulous team!

See our LinkedIn page for current opportunities.

Training Solutions

Our cutting-edge eLearning platform
  • Creates a blended learning curriculum with cutting-edge HTML5 eModules offering a wide variety of interactive and engaging screen types to provide your learners with an active and immersive learning experience
  • Focuses on Patient Perspectives
  • Focuses on Clinical Perspectives

Our digital data solution brings your content to life
  • Provides a flexible and timely option to engage your learners on clinical reprints and PIs/SmPCs
  • Highlights trial designs, KM curves, and hazard ratios with KOL narrations and animation

Our live training engagement tool
  • Fosters engagement during live training meetings and workshops that immerses your learners into science and selling skills
  • Maximizes learning and retention
  • Provides assessments and analytics to measure knowledge transfer and performance

We also offer custom solutions.
To request more information, or to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us.


We've had a busy year at Axiom by ApotheCom. Check back for the latest news and events.

Axiom by ApotheCom is proud to be the recipient of the 2015 LTEN Excellence Award for Innovation!
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client 1 Axiom Receives LTEN Excellence Award June 2015

Our eLearning curricula highlighted by LTEN FOCUS magazine. Michael Ballas and team featured on the cover of the Fall Special Edition!
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client 2 FOCUS Cover Story November 2015

Michael Ballas, Global CEO, speaks at Q1 Productions' 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training and Education Conference.
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client 3 Axiom by ApotheCom at Q1 Conference March 2016

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Blue Is the New Yellow!

For over a decade, Axiom has been helping companies maximize the effectiveness of training and development in the life sciences. In conjunction with the 6Ds, this volume focuses on the process of designing maximally effective learning experiences and how to work most effectively with training agency partners.

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